One time when you were very small, you decided that you were going to fly. And so you built a little, what you called, a hot air balloon, but was actually a bed sheet. You built it out of your little dinosaur bed sheet on your mattress and you jumped and you had both hands on either side and you thought, “I’m going to fly!” everytime, “I’m going to fly and fly and fly!” And everytime, you hit the fucking ground because that’s what fucking life is, right?
No. No, that’s not what fucking life is. Life is when you fly and sometimes you fall and sometimes you get bruised and sometimes you wanna fucking die, but you don’t. You stand up and you don’t give up hope and you decide that what ever is on this planet earth, that’s happening right now, what ever experience there is, be it bruising or existential crisis or fucking love beyond all measure, you decide that this is where I wanna be. I would rather fucking be here than be anywhere else, than be in a fucking coma, than be fucking dead, than be a fucking zombie. And so you don’t give up hope. You stand up and you fucking take the punches and that’s what life is.
Annie Clark (Pensacola, FL) source (via fuckyeahstvincent)